Withered Golden Freddy
Oh, not me, some other guy, really PURPLE.
Oh, not me, some other guy, really PURPLE.
Vital statistics
Position Sort of Murderer, But Not Really
Age 22
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 8'5
Weight 610 lbs

Withered Golden Freddy's Image to be seen for being a cameo character

Withered Golden Freddy was the suit used by the murderer. He was originally made for Freddy Fazbear's Fun Pizzeria as a guest brother of Freddy, but it was closed when his suit was halfway finished. He has a deep hatred for The Murderer, for using him to kill multiple children. His current whereabouts are unknown. However he likes to go to The Office and scare Jeremy while he's working, while doing this he will sometimes pop in on Toy Chica trying to be sexy for Jeremy.

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